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Les Magrittes

Les Magritte du Cinéma, the prestigious movie awards ceremony taking place each year in Brussels, organized a #selfie activation with pictawall, which was broadcasted live on national television. Hundreds of selfies were gathered in less than 2 minutes, giving the hashtag #MDC2016 an amazing boost on social networks.


Turning attendees into event ambassadors, improving social reach.


For Microsoft’s biggest internal event of the year, taking place at Atlanta, United-States, Pictawall built a Yammer wall, opening the door for companies’ private events.

Microsoft employees could see their Yammer posts appearing in real-time on the big screen behind the scene during Microsoft Europe keynote, turning them into active event ambassadors. Microsoft Western Europe Corporate Vice President described Pictawall in his introduction speech as ‘very cool growth- hacking start- up’.


Improved brand image and active brand ambassadors.

Brussels Airlines at Tomorrowland Music Festival

Together with its main partner Brussels airlines, Tomorrowland Music Festival made a contest on social networks to win a world trip.

Social content posted with #cloudrider were automatically displayed on large screens at the festival and on Brussels Airlines’ Facebook page, creating a perfect interaction between the brand and the attendees and enabling anyone to follow in real time what was happening at the event.


Dynamic marketing action, improved brand image and brand awareness.


In October 2014, Tesla partnered up with Tesla Club Belgium to invite their main partners for a promotional event in Brussels, including a Test Drive.

Tesla was happy to use Pictawall to create a dynamic real-time interaction with its partners and a relaxing and innovative atmosphere.


Improved brand image as a trendy and innovative company.

Ronquières Festival

If an image is worth a thousand words what about a video?

eTrade Summit

eTrade Summit is simply the biggest conference of eCommerce in Belgium.


Organizers were really happy to have a simple solution that helped them promote this amazing event worldwide by using the power of social media!

Pure FM – Belgian Radio

Pure FM, the most popular Belgian radio, installed a Pictawall at their stand during 5 huge summer Festivals in Belgium. People could take a selfie, upload it on Twitter or Instagram with #purefmlaradio and they would see it appear in real-time on the screen of the Pure Fm’ stand at the festival. Then, they would receive gifts from their favourite radio.


More than 3000 posts with #purfmlaradio, social reach of almost 220 000 people, 10 800 likes, 1 000+ comments.

La soirée ELLE Belgique X Apéros Urbains

For the 10th anniversary of Elle Belgique, Les Apéros Urbains used Pictawall to entertain their audience and give their key sponsors a central position.

A flow of pictures and videos was displayed on a giant screen, perfectly embedded in the event.


Happy sponsors, happy attendees and happy event organisers!

Waterloo Ducks

The Waterloo Ducks is the biggest and most famous hockey club of Belgium. They installed five LED screens in order to display all the pictures posted by the spectators on social media. Sport fans love sharing pictures and the club’s online visibility has increased by 10 in less than 2 months thanks to Pictawall!

They also managed to get extra revenues from their sponsors by offering them a great visibility on the Pictawalls, which allowed to get a very fast return on investment.


A young couple came to us a couple of months ago because they wanted to use our product for their wedding. They were both pretty young and told us they wanted to make all their international friends, however not physically present, feel part of their magic moment.

That is why they asked them to share their selfies with #2009YES (year they first met). This way, they appeared on all the LED screens of the wedding, integrating everybody into that wonderful happening.

We like to keep our users happy!

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